Home owners often wonder how to keep mold from growing. Often the presence of mold is first noticed because we smell it. There is a musty smell accompanied by a question: Where could that smell be coming from? Controlling water damage is vital to controlling mold growth. Much can be determined by employing a very simple method—the visual inspection. Where should you look if you suspect mold growth?

Practical Steps on How to Keep Mold from Growing

  • Under sink base cabinets. Look for damp areas that may reveal a plumbing leak. Has any part of the cabinet delaminated? This may mean an ongoing leak.
  • Around the shower or tub. Does the shower door sweep seal properly? Do you see peeling paint or discolored flooring? A green, yellow or red stain may all indicate mold is present.
  • Window seals and trim may be affected by condensation on the glass. Do you see any water staining that may indicate the presence of moisture? Does the drywall feel soft or spongey?
  • Check the drainage around your home. Are there damp spots or standing water near your structure?
  • Are landscaping elements directing water toward instead of away from your home?
  • Are rain gutter down spouts installed properly? They should direct water away from the structure.
  • Look for signs of roof damage or leaks. Do you see water stains on interior surfaces?
  • Are all combustion appliances (such as the furnace and hot water heater) vented properly? If not, condensation could build up and cause excessive moisture and mold.
  • Do bathrooms and the kitchen have proper venting?
  • Is the dryer vented to the outside?

If a visual inspection confirms your suspicion that mold is present, do not disturb it without properly containing the area. This could spread mold spores throughout the structure, which could lead to additional outbreaks. Also remember, removing mold without fixing the underlying problem will not prevent the mold from returning! Northern Arizona Restoration has a highly qualified staff trained to combat mold at its source. Give us a call or use our contact form, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions on how to keep mold from growing.